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Online Puja Services

We take this opportunity to you and your family to offer puja through online. This page shows the information regarding the puja services available in this temple.

May Sree Mridanga Saileswari Devi’s grace and blessings be with you and your family always!!!

Puja Name Amt Book
Pushpanjali 10 BookNow
Bhaghyasooktha Pushpanjali 20 BookNow
Swayamvara Pushpanjali 25 BookNow
Durithahara Pushpanjali 20 BookNow
Sreesookatha Pushpanjali 20 BookNow
saraswathasooktha Pushpanjali 20 BookNow
Ashtothara Pushpanjali 20 BookNow
sathru samhara pushpanjali 20 BookNow
sahasranamarchana 20 BookNow
Kumkumarchana 15 BookNow
Thalicharthal 15 BookNow
Ney vilakku 15 BookNow
Enna Vilakku 10 BookNow
Checki mala 10 BookNow
Thulasi Mala 10 BookNow
Koovala mala 10 BookNow
karuka mala 25 BookNow
Malar Nivedyam 10 BookNow
Thrimadhuram 10 BookNow
Karpuraradhana 10 BookNow
Nithyapuja 500 BookNow
Thrikala puja 500 BookNow
Mandala Puja 750 BookNow
niramala 1100 BookNow
Niramala (Visheshal) 2000 BookNow
Alankara Puja 2500 BookNow
Katum Payasam 100 BookNow
Ganapathi Homam (cheruthu) 100 BookNow
Ganapathi Homam (Ashtadravyam) 300 BookNow
Thiruvakkati 35 BookNow
Vella Nivedyam 20 BookNow
Appam Nivedya(After Athazha puja) 200 BookNow
Ada nivedyam 75 BookNow
Otta Nivedyam 30 BookNow
Karuka Homam 25 BookNow
Mrithyunjaya Homam 100 BookNow
Deepasthambham (cheruth) 200 BookNow
Deepasthambham (valuuth) 1250 BookNow
Aal Rupam (velli) 10 BookNow
Thala (velli) 10 BookNow
Kannu (velli) 10 BookNow
Kai (velli) 10 BookNow
Navu (velli) 10 BookNow
Neeranjanam 35 BookNow
Ellu Thiri 10 BookNow
Pattum Thali Samarpanama 50 BookNow
Payasam 20 BookNow
Palabhishekam 10 BookNow
Ilaneerabhishekam 10 BookNow
Charatu Japikkal 10 BookNow
Nelpara Samarpanam 100 BookNow
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